Community Involvement

In August of 2015 a group of my Royal LePage Colleagues from across Canada and I Trekked to the lost ancient city of Machu Picchu high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. We did this to raise much needed money on behalf of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and our local Woman’s and Children’s Shelters across the country. I am proud to say through generous donations we raised almost $500,000 with the a large portion of what I personally raised ($7,500) going directly to our local shelter Haven House.

2015’s Trek was such a success that we are doing it again this July 2017, only this time the Trek will be longer and in the cold environment of Iceland’s highlands. This 7 day Trek will see me hiking in rugged terrain in complete wilderness up to 24 kilometres per day. There will be no comforts or outside communication while on the Trek. Hike, make camp, sleep in tents in sub zero temperatures, break camp and start again. For many of you that know me well I think you will agree that this is way out of my usual comfort zone. So why would I personally pay all my expenses including flights meals and accommodation to do something so difficult? Well, its simple really, our local shelter is full every night with women and children fleeing for their safety. So for me that is my fuel to take a week out of my year and pay my own money to fund this Trek.

You may know someone who has been affected by violence or abuse, either in their adulthood or as a child. 67% of Canadians say they personally know a woman who has experienced abuse and one in three teenagers have reported dating violence. Did you know that every night in Canada more than 3,000 women and their 2,500 children stay in a shelter to escape domestic violence? In many cases, these women are literally running for their lives and demonstrating incredibly bravery. Thankfully, the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is helping to put an end to violence and abuse.

These are shocking statistics. I’m going to do something to help.  I will be trekking nearly 100 km across some of Iceland’s most actively volcanic areas in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and raising funds to help women and children in Canada escape abuse and rebuild lives that are loving, safe and free from violence.

Royal LePage and its over 17,000 Realtors across Canada raise millions each year that goes 100% directly to help women & children escape very harmful situations. This is the only Real Estate company in the country that pays all administration and costs to fund their foundation making your entire donation effect real life change in desperate circumstances.

To help Rob reach his fundraising goal please Click Here. Thank you for supporting women and children in our community who are rebuilding their lives after violence.


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