5 Ways the Ohs Marketing Team can help sell your home fast

There are some key marketing tools that you need to make sure are being used to home sell fast, but without sacrificing market value. It starts with a team having a commitment to producing top of the class marketing in real estate, but also do something else; educating their clients. We believe strongly in having the best in print advertising, internet exposure, social networking, direct mail, and Realtor promotions; but we also believe that we always need to educate clients (existing or potential) on WHY these are so important in selling their home.

Regardless of whether you choose us as your real estate team, we want to share some information about what we believe is important, and why:

1. Accurate Market Analysis (An inaccurately priced tag on your home, can lead to disaster)
The first thing that we (and most other good teams) do is a market analysis that basically looks at currently listed homes in your area, and the prices of one’s recently sold. It’s important to do the research and make an informed decision on area trends. Determining marketability is as much of an art, as it is a science, and if done properly it WILL lead to a quicker sale. The bottom line really comes down to area expertise, and how informed your Realtor is with the trends, and patterns in the area, and right down to specific neighbourhoods. The real question is: How do you know if you’re choosing a Realtor that is an expert at determining marketability? We suggest looking at their sales stats. If they’re effectively pricing homes, they’ll be getting more viewings, producing more sales, and all in
a shorter period of time.

2. Professional Photography (An agents camera phones won’t cut it.)
Professional architectural photography is beyond a must have in today’s Parksville and Qualicum Beach real estate market (and all Vancouver Island Real Estate for that matter). Selling your home means making sure it looks it’s best, and bringing in the pros is a no brainer. Like anything else, real estate first impressions are key to making sure your listing receives more online views, greater buyer interest, more viewings, and ultimately sells faster.
Our personal view is that since it’s such a no brainer, we include it for free in our Platinum Marketing package, but for other teams pricing varies across our industry.

3. Print Marketing (It’s traditional, it’s everywhere, it works, but it’s not all created equal)
So you’ve got your professional photography done, and now you need to show it off. Print Marketing has been the standard, and still is the standard for Parksville and Qualicum Beach (and again, most other real estate markets). Everyone uses it because it works; but not all print is created equally. Many times important details, and quality will be sacrificed to cut costs marginally, and create the impression of a, “better deal”. Just like the photography of your real estate, the impression that people get from your print can make or break the deal; quality of card stock, design, and where the print is featured are all things that influence whether you sell your property quickly, or are in for a real estate marathon. Make sure that the team you go with is using effective strategies that make sense (using the best publications, and targeted marketing like direct mail), on the best materials, with design that adds advertising value to your home, and not make it blend in amongst the rest. At Ohs & McLane we choose to have a lot of professionally designed custom print done for our clients, but again, this varies across the industry. At the end of the day, it should all look GREAT. We encourage you to think like a buyer and ask yourself, “Would I be interested in purchasing this listing?”

4. Online Marketing (We’ve all been to a bad website, and we all probably didn’t stay long)
Studies show that the majority of perspective buyers begin their search online. The quality of a Real Estate teams online marketing is immediately available by looking at their website. Is their website attractive, and intuitive to use? Is their photography and media attractive, and consistently top quality? Do they have additional media like interactive floor plans? If the answer to these questions is inconsistent or possibly no, than there is a problem. Good in-house online strategies show an understanding of the online strategies needed to make sure your real estate is attracting buyers. Buying real estate is an intensive financial and emotional decision; your property needs to inspire the buyer to potentially see themselves living in your listing. Without effective online marketing, and professional media, this simply won’t happen.

5. Customer Service (If your agent is communicating with you effectively, chances are they are communicating with buyers the same way)
Agents need to stay in constant communication with clients and provide them feedback from showings, and changes in the market. Without that effective, and consistent communication, you the seller are left on the edge of your seat, with a few more grey hairs, and a ton of frustration. Make sure you ask your Realtor what they plan on communicating with you, and that you’re on the same page. Having an understanding of the sellers process, and feeling confident that your agent will ALWAYS contact you when there is news, can prevent a ton of stress. We like to include 30/60/90 day reviews on our clients homes. That way our sellers know that they’re always as up to date as we are; anything else is unacceptable.

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